I’m Joining Mashable UK!

I just wanted to write this very quick, slightly excitable post to announce I’ll be joining the Mashable UK team in mid June! I’ll be reporting for the Watercooler section, covering viral news and sharable content… Continue reading

What I’ve Learned From My First 4 Regional Posts for BuzzFeed UK

Over the last couple of months I’ve written a number of regional posts for BuzzFeed UK, after being commissioned by Senior Writer Tabatha Leggett. (‘Regional’ is how BuzzFeed refer to articles which focus on… Continue reading

6 Film Review Highlights From The Last Year

I averaged about one review a month for FilmJuice in 2014, mainly covering DVDs but also squeezing in a cinema release or two when I had the time. I’ve picked out six ‘highlights’ below (and… Continue reading

5 of Whatuni’s Top Performing Articles on Social Media

A big focus of mine lately has been creating more social media-friendly post for Whatuni.com, as part of an ongoing push to grow our Facebook and Twitter followings. Over the past year I’ve tried… Continue reading

London Street Performers – Twin Features for Buzzfeed UK

Following on from my homelessness feature, I pitched and was commissioned to write two features on London Street Performers for Buzzfeed UK: – London Street Performers Share The Strangest Experiences They’ve Had With The… Continue reading

Homelessness Feature for Buzzfeed UK – 220,000 Views in the First Weekend

My first commissioned piece for Buzzfeed UK – Homeless Londoners Explain Why They’re Living On The Streets – involved travelling across London with Matthew Tucker (Buzzfeed UK’s Picture Editor) and speaking to rough… Continue reading